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I filed for a loan modification over a year ago. I have since re-applied 2 times. Every time they repeatedly asked me for financials and when they would finally accept a document or update it on their system they would make you update others. There is never a person to speak to or a department. Who ever answers the phone is it. Every time you call you get a different answer. I have repeatedly sent documents over and over and over. Have re applied 3 times because they told me I had to use new forms. They don't update their system. Long story short they recently denied me because now they say I make too much money. At the time I applied since I work on commission "A realtor" I did qualify they even messed up what my payments are . Very incompetent. I am now with an attorney. I don't believe they want to modify any loans. It's disgusting how they are allowed to play with people's lives. Their homes..

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Miami, Florida

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They denied me too because they said I made too much money. When I applied I had been unemployed for over 2 years.

I finally got a job and now I make too much money. They also paid my property taxes, which I did not ask them to do, then more than doubled my payment. They based my rejection on my original payment of 1200, which they would no longer accept. You can not win with them.

I have now filed a chapte 13 and the nightmare continues.

They will never be happy until they get my home. They need to pay for what they are doing to peoples lives.

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