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IndyMac has denied my HAMP modification twice due to imminent foreclosure sale of the property. As others, I have applied several times for HAMP modification and have submitted all paperwork requested of me. IndyMac has given me a very hard time and have been given the runaround constantly.

It is obvious they can not find a solid reason to deny me for the modification since we certainly qualify.

How convenient for banks to take money from the government for bailouts and supposedly to assist the those of us that want to keep our homes and have legitimate reasons for falling behind yet we are given the runaround consistently and our homes are being auctioned off;.

My husband and I have been very stressed having to deal with IndyMac Bank and not getting anywhere'. All the bank has done is feed us lies after lies|. I can go on and on with stories of my dealings with IndyMac Bank,. I am soooooo tired of dealing with IndyMac Bank and getting nowhere! Is anyone out there that can help!

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The main thing here is that the Banks gain more when the home is taken away, they sell it in auction or in foreclosure sale and then the money that u think they lost, they get it from the PMI (private mortgage insurance that you paid every month inside your mortgage payment. SO bottom line______ they never Loose.

I have been in the real estate business for about 8 years now and just recently discoved real help to this ongoing problem check it out and do your own reasearch.... www.jml.mortgagefreeandclear.net GOOD Luck and God bless

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