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IndyMac Bank refuses to help me save my house. They keep lying about my paperwork that I submitted.

I have had to get Consumer Affairs involved because they were saying that the post office never delivered

my paperwork to them, and it was a Supervisor that signed he received my documents and refused to

submit to get the ball rolling for me, I was told after trying for 2weeks arguing that I sent paperwork, that

I would probably be denied, they could not telll me why. It is more, getting mad talking about it. I want to join lawsuit ASAP!

Monetary Loss: $190.

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:upset :x I read recently an unfortunate IndyMac mortgager had been attempting HARP (government refinancing) for two years. All these stories make me so angry!

We, the people of this country, are being treated like serfs. Well, there's millions of serfs in this country and the banks have our money. How long are millions going to continue being losers!

I'm looking for an investigative group, maybe it's time for an audit, title search, where's the money going? Time for answers!!


Join the boat. I was rejected for the hAMP loan first time, because Indymac told me "the deadline was over".

What deadline? I am not giving up and asked for assistance from a counselor(not a lawyer)(since I am on Social Security)...I have since reapplied and received the usual rejection letters for no good reason.

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