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Why doesn't the government get involved with these thieving mortgage companies who are not willing to renegotiate these loans. They must be making out both ways by repossessing the home (getting the write-off) then reselling the home and taking another write-off for the loss.

When is enough going to be enough. Mortgage companies are not willing to renegotiate loans with FICO scores below 600. What ashame......Shame on the mortgage companies and shame on our government for not getting tough on these companies. I have written to our local representatives and they have not been as helpful as you might think they would be.

I have been told that the are from the legislative part of government and there really isn't mush they could do to help the consumer who is continually being ripped off by the mortgage companies. I cannot believe that all this is going on. It's like a crime taking place and nobody wants to get involved.

What is going on with our American Spirit. How can we as Americans sit back and allow this kind of crime take place.....Pissed in CA

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You can turn them into the better business b. But like the one in Macon Ga.

American home places pays them to say theyvr a great place to build your home.

Which is ***. Because they built our retirement home and we living a nighmare

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