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For the past year now, i have been trying so hard to work with IndyMac for a loan modification, ok so i used HUD to assist me with the paper works, but once they did, they forget ya... duhhh, what kind of help is that with no follow ups and/or reply to return my phone calls or mail...

Well, so over the past summer, i spoke with 4 differant Attorneys, oh yeah, they all say that they can do it but deep down they are only thinking of loan modify, well my house was set for sale like soon until i stopped it... this info i don't mind sharing with any of you out there that is trying desperately like myself to keep our home and due to the economy, most of us lost or lowered our incomes. Well now, the responses i got from IndyMac was denied twice now... i guess they want my home so bad that when i spoke with IndyMac's customer service or the person handling loan mods to stop the foreclosure, they said no unless i come up with 35K, then they will stop the sale.

I could not focus to do anything, my mind felt like musssh or vegetated, but now i am refreshed and did not give up, i now have the ball in my court. For those of you that care to get in touch with me here in California, i would like that or better yet we need to talk. my email: i hope to hear from you and i can relay more info as well as i need to know what has happened with you, save all your documents and yes, also document everything you have done or tried to do in efforts of trying to work with IndyMac for a loan mod due to your "hardship" reasons.

After all, when IndyMac closed their doors last year, they too got into trouble by having all those mortgage notes bundled up and sold as "market backed securities", yes ... look it up, to my knowlede, they got help from FDIC, the ones that closed them and sold their assets to OneWest Bank whom are investors from Goldman Sachs, this may open yours eyes a bit more to discover other matters that might not be according to Hoyle.

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We are set to lose our home on 12-10-09 too! Indymac has done nothing but play games.

my husband and I are retired and on fixed income. We have lived in this house for over 30 years and were doped in to a loan by a mortgage broker who only cared about his commission. My husband is chronically ill with diabetes and kidney failure.

Can anyone help please to stop the sale of our house. Please contact me 805-791-3157 email


12-10-09 is my sale loosin my battle with indyjunk bro.i sure need some help or guidance thanks. 3234768877

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