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It is impossible to close the CD account without getting charged. First of all, you have to wait on the phone to talk to a rep for over 40 minutes.

When on, he/she does not give you accurate information. I asked the rep how to close my CD which matures in 5 days. He told me to send them a letter simply stating, "My CD is mature, please close it and transfer the money back to my orginial checking account (non-Countrywide)." So I did that. Little do I know, I checked my checking account, and I was charged $30 for a "wire-transfer" fee.

The rep did not tell me that there was a fee!! Nor did he reveal the other option to closing an account which is to have them mail you a check (which costs nothing). I called again to complain, and had to wait another 40 minutes to talk to a rep, have her put me on hold for another 20 minutes, and zip...

moral of the story, do not chose IndyMac for any services!!

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I knew I recognized that snobby tone....


No, I'm not Indymac's Lawyer...just a soon-to-be brother-in-law pulling your leg. I hope you're not mad


So "getoverit", I'd doubt you can *** your tongue and not post a response when someone calls you "greedy" for no reason. And who are you, IndyMac's lawyer???


um, I am over it... just wait til someone calls you "greedy" and see if u can *** your tongue...

and by the way, who are u and why are even commenting on this? maybe, u should mind your own business and have some more valuable input...


GET OVER IT! It's been almost two years, I think it's about time you moved on. IndyMac isn't around anymore...let it go!


First of all, how am I greedy if I am simply asking for my money back? To be greedy, I have to selfishly ask for MORE than what I had put in, which is not the case.

For those calling me "greedy", I think you guys gotta go back to school or maybe buy a dictionary.... I am pissed off because the reps at IndyMac are not knowledgeable and lied to me (yes, withholding the information about the fee is lying!) Yes, I did read the "terms and conditions". I never asked for a wire transfer, I was patient enough to wait for a check.

If the rep had informed me of that option, I would have happily took that route. I even asked him, "what are my options?" As reps for IndyMac, or any bank, please educate your employees!

Bridgman, Michigan, United States #21986

When are any and all of you folks going to wise up and use Federal Credit Unions to do your banking. It's been common knowledge for over 29 ytears years that commercial banks and S&Ls never have, do not now, and never will be able to compete with credit unions.

Commercial banks have always been notorious for charging insulting customer fees to cover everything from paper clips to staples. Never, EVER use a commercial bank for any kind of loan transaction or expect to get good rates on your deposits.

If you can any local commercial bank's rates and fees to those of any credit union. Helloooooo....surprise :)

Bhagalpur, Bihar, India #21753

I wonder if I call them on Monday and ask for a " full reconveyance note", on my mortgage, will they be dumb enough to send me one?

lmao...hey it dont hurt to ask now does it.....

Manson, Iowa, United States #21745

:cry I guess IndyMac bank got their comeuppance.

Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia #20891

I had numerous CD acct with them, I had to close one of it, I faxed a written authorization to not renew, call back the 2nd day to comfirm, they didn't get it, or have a chance get to it since they had a lot of requests per day. I re-fax, called the next day to confirm, they got it, and process without problem.

Rule of thumb for the fee, you have to "read" the term and condition, as they were provided to you. If you don't understand, just ask C.S.!

Ackerman, Mississippi, United States #20304

i have never had problems with indymac and have had mm,cds,checking account.As long as i read my paper work i understood ,what was and was not.Seems All banks run the same way. there is not a big variance as to how each bank does business.

Bellevue, Michigan, United States #19625

Get real! This customer complains you STOLE 30 bucks and hit them with a fee without warning them and THE CUSTOMER is the greedy one?

I was looking for a place to put my 20,000 and saw the money market indymac had... but with these kind of comments I think I'll just keep on looking.

I can understand how a customer would miss the fee in reading terms. BUT, I can't understand the negative tone from a bank as listed above!

Monmouth, Oregon, United States #17548

Our bank offers the best rate of return in the industry. the person above is just greedy!!! yes we charge transfer fees and as the comment above next time read your contract!

Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia #14847

if you at all read your terms and conditions pamphlet that was mailed to you you would have plainly seen the fee for wiring the funds. i have had an account with them numerous times and i have done this enough times to know convenience costs.

i also have worked in my area at a bank and know how impatient people can be....and how greedy. so next time, instead of just casually glancing at your mail.....READ IT!!

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