I have been trying to get a loan mod from Indy bank for at least six months.I faxed every thing they needed and was told to wait but check in every few weeks.

Last time I talked to them in April they said I would hear by May. Well just talked to them and they have not decided yet. However the Rep said that I needed to submit more paper for a new program. This is after waiting 6 months already.

If I am not sure but Indymac is now ownered by Bank Of America and the goverment is giving them money.How does this help the public when they do things like this


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Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #268371

i have been trying and trying for loan mods from indymac, who is my lender to no avail.the future seems pretty dim.

but im not going to give up.i have been living here for 15 years and nothing.


Prospect Mortgage was founded in 2006. Veo Mike Filler...Pupose to acquire Mortgage loans and auction to Investors and Government-sponsored intities.

2007- Prospect acquired Metrocities Mortgage, Fidelity and Trust, and Opteum Mortgage.

April 2008- Prospect backed out of purchasing CTX Mortgage

July 2008- Prospect Purchased Indymac Bancorp.

Keep in mind...Prospect made it rich by selling off loans....


I had an audit done.It was worth it as the auditor can testify as an expert witness where the computer generated ones can not.

If you would like to know where I got it done you can email me at cresidoencasa@yahoo.com and I will give that companies name. I am currently waiting the results of an audit that will tell me who the parties in real interest are and were all the pieces are in the mortgage backed securities pools.

They also have other services to go with the audit that are very helpful in fighting these thieves.

This way I can use all the violations found rather than just those allowed by a class action.Besides I would rather see these mortgage lenders pay for 100 lawyers for 100 people than 2-3 lawyers for 500 people in a class action.


I was given a modification in Feb.2010 They will help if you qualify, and contact the right people and act like you really want to pay, not like they owe you.

Remember you signed the promise to pay.Good Luck to all and give IMB a break.


I have been trying to get a loan mod since Aug 2009 with Indymac, and after reading all these comments, they are doing the same exact thing to me, this is scary, I do not know anyone that has gotten a loan modification.


ATTN!!!Idymac has done this to several people including my mother.

Indymac sent her a letter of approval for a loan mod, and she sent in a payment. A couple weeks later, another letter was sent denying the loan mod and they took her house!!!

She is starting a class action suit in California.If this has happened to you please email me at nomoreindymac.com

Let's not let them take anyone else's HOME!!!


Go IndyMac!I was current on my payments and they told me I had to miss a payment in order to be considered for a MOD, well I lost my job so I was missing payments and prior to that I had already filed for a MOD, they kept sending letters every month that "you will be notified in 30 days" got like 5 of them.

After reviewing they sent me a plan, which was had a higher payment offer, I'm like hello, I lost my job, the payment should be lower according to my income.

Yesterday they posted a notice of trustee's sale and told me i have till the 30th to get out, our pay 13GRAND plus continue paying 300 more than my original payment.It's like driving me out of my house intentionally, I'm so fed up, we should all sue these b@@!#stards!


I have been trying to get this done since March 2009.We have been denied twice, once it was an incorrect income figure ( they said my husband made $2000 more per month that he actually does), this time it was because they say the cost of a loan modification would be more than the cost of a foreclosure.

I call loss mitigation and they say I am still under review???

Nobody knows if I am really denied or not they proceed to transfer me to somebody who is going to tell me for sure and I get hung up on!GOOD TIMES!!!


Indymac is a complete joke. We have been working with them on our loan modification since February 09. We were granted forebearance on 2/15 with a 2 month modified mortgage payment while they reviewed our file. 15 days later (3/1) all of our credit cards jacked our interest rates up from ~7% to 30% because Indymac misreported the forebearance as a foreclosure....

In April 09 we finally received our loan mod package and it was a solid offer. We filled out the paperwork and eagerly awaited the 2nd loan offer. 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 2 months go by and I finally get someone on the phone. Apparently they had declined our package 1 month earlier, and decided not to notify us. The declination was based on incorrect information. We tried to reconcile with correct info, but they had us reapply. We reapplied in mid June, then again in July, then again in August, and September as well. We followed up weekely, and each time they would have us send in additional docs. We never got any real feedback, only that our loan was being reviewed by the ever elusive "investors".

Now our 2nd has been sold to another servicer, and we are to start the process again....We're done. 2010 will be a fresh start!

The Beaches, Ontario, Canada #74826

We are in the same situation.Husband out of work here in Massachusetts.

Been attempting to work with Indymac for 7 months now on a mortgage modification and getting no where. Have sent two packets of hardship paper work with no response at all. When I finally got through to them "Oh yes we have it right here" ok so what's going on I asked? Don't know, I will have someone get back to you...

that was almost 2 months ago.

We are at a loss for knowing what to do.Just dealing with it.

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