My mother has been with IndyMac/OneWest Bank for over ten years. My stepfather died and my mother lost over 75% of her income due to this.

We have been trying since 2006 to get a loan modification. At first she was told to pay one amount and she was doing that and six months later they sent her a letter in the mail saying that she was six months behind on her mortgage payments because she wasn't sending in the total amount. Then she started sending in her actual payments and they screwed her again. She had to file bankruptcy and then they filed papers for the six months payments to be taken out of the bankruptcy and then they started holding her payments and not applying them to her account and now they are saying she hasn't made a payment in two years and last year started sending her payments back and told her they couldn't take them unless she could make the total amount that was past due and her current, which at that time happened to be $7500.00 plus her $683 regular monthly payment.

They also added all these lawyer fees, late charges and other fees.

Now my mother has to pay $25,000.00 just to have the mortgage reinstated or do short sale or they are going to Foreclose on her house. I truly believe they are full of bs and as long as she's will to keep paying they should work out something with her like add what's owed to the back end of the loan and let her pick up on making the payments as if it was her first one.

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Try contacting Fannie Mae if they guaranteed the loan. Fannie Mae has more to lose than Indymac does...they were a help to me.

to Anonymous New York City, New York, United States #588360

Dont waste your time with Fannie Mae.... They are part of the enemy and working closely with Indy Mac. I have called them many times and i i get is lipservice !

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