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I submitted information to modify my loan as soon as i couldn't afford my payments in august of 2008. In January I was told my investor didn't offer me that possibility and all I could do was short sale my property.

I found a buyer and then Indymac declined the sales price and wanted 50k more from the buyer, so I lost my buyer and back to square one. I asked them if I can modify my loan since I got back to work and had some income now. This was also declined. Then in April I was approached by another buyer and sent up a shortsale packet to Indymac.

It was almost approved and Indymac's employee sent an email that she was getting terminated and couldn't help any further. A week later my paperwork went missing per Indymac and I was told to start whole process over. After this frustrating situation they went full steam ahead on my foreclosure and refused to offer anything but a hefty down payment to stop it. I tried to make payments to them as soon as my income came back and they refused it.

Don't let them fool you!!!! They aren't willing to help.

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dont stop fighting indymac is already in big trouble


one west bank should be closed down the lies lies liars!!!!


Everyone who is complaining about Indymac/onewest

should contact the Office of Thrift Services.

The number is

Phone: 1 (800) 842-6929

File a complaint if you haven't already. OTS oversees this bank and makes sure they are following the law. It appears there are some deceptive practices in lending here.


DO NOT DO A QUICK SALE. Let them foreclose, you are better off.

The shortage in the quick sale will come back to you as a 10-99 at the end of the year as income. So you get to pay income tax on that amount and they keep the books square. How would and extra $50k of income effect your tax bill.

I think fairly harsh. A foreclosure could hurt your credit rating, well my friend so does owing the IRS an extra unexpected $25,000


I'm starting to think that this whole remodification thing is just a big joke to the mortgagem lenders. so they try and get rid of the homes as soon as they see we are interested in remodifying.

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