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I have a unfair situation with IndyMac bank that is all to familiar, and have became aware others are experiencing!I have a lawyer wishing, or seeking, other Indymac home owner borrowers facing HEMP issues, home remodification attempts that Indymac has not honored!

Please contact me as we wish to build a solid, power in numbers, class action lawsuit! Please give me your contact information or share your situation via email.

If that doesn't work I will give personal cell number if you require upon request as this is legit and seeking others to hold this bank, other "bailed out banks" who are not living up to their legally obligated requirements!


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I am the person who turn them in Dabra Cruin White House.Have all paper work.

Had my loan check it allege .My phone number 678 - 975 - 2419 Rebecca Peppers they made me homeless , single mom house 16 years.


I ended up selling my home in a short sale due to Indymac, ie One West Bank.

Sent me any Class Acton infomation.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #832916

Please add me too...IndyMac Bank would not help me in a loan modification 10/2008, they strung me along long enough to foreclose on my property.I was forced into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy only to find out that IndyMac Bank changed to OneWest, I was never notified of this.

My child and I lost our home in California and was forced to move in with family in North Carolina.I wish to be contacted with any type of class action against them, as the banks were bailed out by my tax dollars while I suffer dailey.

to Christine Chicago, Illinois, United States #1062302

Rebecca Peppers Indmcy bank made me homeless.I am one who turn them in to Washington DC White House.

Dabra Curin.Have all paper work.


I would like to be included in this lawsuit. Please email me any information

Thank you


PLEASE...count us in..this has been a nightmare beyond nightmare, cansomeone please contact us

Holly, Michigan, United States #756695

San Diego, California, United States #745026

Add me!!! Mail any info about a class action on OneWest to me too please.


PO Box 1737

Valley Center, CA 92082


count me in ... indymac is absolutely disgraceful !

Houston, Texas, United States #720230

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