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Like many people in these troubled times my wife and I are having money problems.As we get more behind in our bills we look for other ways of doing things.

We decided to check with Indy mac about a mortgage modification.To our surprise we were told by a very rude person that we were not eligible as the property was an investment property. When asked how they reached this determination we were told that they had hired an independent company to drive by and verify the status of the property. This determination came back as unoccupied investment property and we were not eligible for any mods. This has been our only residence since it's purchase in 1998.

Furthermore we live in a very remote area and I know that their independent person did not drive by my house because you can't drive by my house. I live at the end of a dirt road in a valley with no other house around.

I might as well talk to a pile of dog *** as these people, the *** would be more responsive!!Indy Mac ***

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Yerevan, Yerevan, Armenia #242968

My husband and I have been trying to Modify our loan with Indymac bank for almosr 3 years now.NOTHING!

all we do is complete paperwork send this in send that in. We did receive our trial period papers which we completed but nothing since our trial payments.

No returned calls nothing.

Wh will Indymac not help their customers???What is the propblem with them??


Now make them validate their claim as well as have your mortgage papers looked at by a certified auditor.They may be trying to take your home because it has value being as it is just what you say it is.

Many people are looking for what you have, I know I would not turn down a place like that if I could afford it. Now how do you take them to task? can provide you all the information that you need to make them prove their claim they to any right to your home as they could very well not have a legal claim. These things are also contingent on several things like if you have refied or obtained a Heloc since 1998 and the securitization of mortgages in 2000 to 2001.

Equity stripping is also a major problem these days, when someone has a lot to loose the mortgage servicer's have a lot to gain.

If you have any questions about the information on the site contact to learn more about holding these banksters to the law.Do not let them steal your home, rather take back this country one home at a time.

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