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Check out this article from the LA times on How IndyMac/One West Bank had made over 1.5 billion dollars since the FDIC stepped in to save their bacon-our tax dollars! To date there has only been about 139,000 mods done under the HAHP program that was designed and estimated to help between 3-7 million struggling home owners. NOT

Speak up and fight back-file complaints with your District Attorney's office, your senators office-don't give up! There is power in numbers!,0,880625.story

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Newark, New Jersey, United States #588254

Please call me.There will be no cost at all.

I am a class action attorney.

Call 212-897-5865.See my website at www consumerclasslaw com.


They are scams - don't help people and they stole taxpayers money. I hear all of you. These people will not stop and continue destroying everyone’s life. They have no honor, integrity or ethics. They are not held to any standers.

Everyone should call FDIC, HUD and Federal Reserve - and request an Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigation and demand OWB/IndyMac be audited.

Call your congressman and demand accountability for the money they received to save mortgages. Have them conduct and oversight investigation.

Don’t stop and don’t give in. Expose them….


I struggled with the liars for almost two years, and still ended up loosing our home !I have contacted the OCC, FDIC, attorney general you name it !!!

There are now doing Mortgage Fraud audits, the paper work has to be completed and post marked by April 30th. It could take several months for the review, but how do we know this review is not bios ? I hope I am not wasting my time again !!! I have two years worth of documents, and also have the assignment note where the robo Erica Johnson has signed..

How can she work for Indymac and MERS ?

My home was Sold, so I know I can not get my home back, but I do want mental anguish restitution !!!!Good Luck to you all and God Bless !!!


I actually got a secured permanent modicfication from indymac in July of 2011.they extended the load to 40 years, lowered the payments maybe by two hundred dollars.

I am now back at ground zero married to a house which is worth maybe 200g and tied to a loan more than double that. All it did was actually put everything in back burner on top of the load. then they added fees to loan in october of 2011 after i signed the load modification.

totally illegal???indymac is out of control.

to queens n y #588253

Please call me.There will be no cost at all.

I am a class action attorney.

Call 212-897-5865.See my website at www consumerclasslaw com.


I am also one that was fraud by IndyMac bank


This link could not be found. I am victim of Indymac mortgage fraud..


We have gotten a modified loan from Indymac,believe it or not but the mortgage payments are more then we can pay.

They knew this when they modified the loan.

We are behind once again since the payments are more then we can handle.

They call us every day,3-4 times.

Half the time we don't even answer the phone.

We are now in the process of doing a forensics audit,getting a lawyer,the whole nine yards.

Since we have no equity in the house we really have nothing to lose at this point.

If we go forward with the forensic audit we will stop paying our mortgage and see what we can do to fight back.

You all should do the same thing since most mortgages that were written around this same time, right before the bottom dropped out, is around 70-90% bad mortgages done by the banks.

There are so many things wrong with these mortgages that doing a forensic audit would be in your best interest and would make banks like Indymac bow down to you.

Best case scenario if you do the audit is you would not have to pay a mortgage anymore.Go for it and let's stick it back to the banks that have been stealing from us.


They are a bunch of pethetic liars, they have no intention of modifying you, i have been trying for 18 months and been given the run around lies, etc.They string you along but their real goal is to foreclose because they make more money that way.

Do not beleive them when they say they are trying to help you, they only help they give you us to help you on your way to being foreclosed on.SUE THE B********S


I'm also a victim of indymac and found a friend at facebook about this group of homeowners trying to organized against Indymac bank.

Thank you for the information.I'm joining forces too and spreading the word. Join

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