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I had a short sale handled by Christerfer Boyett as well. You can't get him on the phone. But if he needs you, he will e-mail and call you back. I find this not a problem to me considering he has many files to handle.

What borthered me most is that an offer of $199,000 submitted 3 months ago (before the worldwide financial crisis) was approved only after 3 months of waiting. By then (the financial crisis had taken place), the buyer is not qualified for the mortgage he was intended to get to make the purchase. We remarketed the property at $149,000, but get only 1 offer at $100,000. Christerfer Boyett said if it is not $195,000, it cannot be submitted to investor. So, the house is now waiting for foreclosure.

Someone in Indymac or representing the investor has to understand that they can't get back to the market price existed 3 months ago. Market prices keep changing, and the trend now is going down as everyone knows.

Anyone has any idea how to get to the higher level in Indymac for them to understand?

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I"ve been dealing with Indy Mac for 6 months now on a home loan modification and they purposely dragged their feet because they new they were being bought out by One West Bank, and trust me One West Bank is a joke also, Sent Rachal Moreno a letter certified 3 weeks ago and have gotten "O" replies but i know she got the letter I got the return receipt. Turn them into the FDIC before they scam you all like Indy Mac did...!!!


Dealt too, you dont totally know what your talking about, my offer was so good it was amazing that at 4 months they were still trying to decide what to do, they dont care. Some people needed to buy and be settled before their husbands were deployed to the golf, or iraq or whereever, I tell you INDYMAC is no more than a lousy dirt bag company and would rather see senior citizens on the streets than give them the opportunity to find a job and get things straight, Start living in the real world DEALT..


to NJ realtor - I think they do it on purpose, I think they are trying to force us into foreclosure. I had a buyer for my house, (short sale) they got a better offer than what was being asked, they took so long i lost my buyers.

Now facing foreclosure because on top of everything else I lost my job at the age of 61, I called them asked for help to give me time to find a job, they dont care, they actually said to me "I guess you need to find a job, call us back then and we will TRY and help you" They are the more hateful people in the world, I have only missed one payment ever in my life and it was this month (march) and they call me 2, 3 sometimes more a day. I am truly trying to get a job but my god where are they, no one is hiring I guess my next step is the streets, I sure dont have family or anything all gone. Do they care *** no they dont ... :( :cry :? you can talk to them until your blue in the face they truly do not care..

and NEITHER DOES OUR GOVERNMENT, but they bailed out GM and those of us losing our jobs and now homes no one give a rats behind. :( :(


the only higher you can go beyond the negotiator is THE investor themselves (FANNIE,lehman bros,aurora) and good luck there!! it will NOT happen.

once the paperwork is submitted to IMFB a BPO is ordered which itself can take up to 15 days if not longer;then once the values are back and get entered into the system (another 20+days) finally the negotiator (someone like christopher)gets assigned and at the same time the documents are forwarded to the investor. once that is done, it's out of IMFB's hands. all they as well can do is wait which can take 60 MORE days, and DO not call their customer service or loss mititgation asking for updates or the negotiator's name before you get an approval letter cuz you won't get it, they don't have it *i've tried*. just tell the buyer if they REALLY want the property they will keep their panties untwisted and be patient--they are after all going to be getting a steal!!

so if they walk, it just says they weren't all that serious to begin with. only after the approval/denial from the investor will you get contacted from the negotiator so don't waste your time on hold with IMFB...just thell the buyer that is how things are working nowadays if they want a bargain;so many people are seeking them that it IS taking time to process them all.

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