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Our situation is so comparable to the other posts. Our loan is with IndyMac and Freddie Mac.

IndyMac is currently saying we were not owner-occupied after they approved our loan modification. On 5/17 I called to check the status of this new dispute and was told it would be forwarded to the Data Integrity Dept. On 5/19 our property was sold at foreclosure auction. They just foreclosed without proper notice and now our property is owned by Freddie Mac.

We are fighting to reverse the foreclosure sale. This is such a mess and all these stories prove they can get away with anything and no one is going to stop them.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Thank you to all of you who were willing to show your support at the protest, and for your kind emails. As far as the media goes, I am lucky enough to have a great network of friends who spent countless hours,day after day, making signs, phone calls and emails, until we were finally able to find the right reporter's, and writer's to support our cause. Even the 'Pasedena Police Department' had kind words to offer, and told us where to park, to bring lots of water, and the could's, and could-not's of how to conduct ourselves.

Today I received a phone call from OneWest Bank. Coincidence about the TIMING. Now they want to help me!!!! I have agreed to delay the Protest for 48 business hours, which is all the time I am going to give them to FIX THIS. I feel a tad disappointed though, as this protest was, and still may be later 'Sensational'. We were going to scatter my dead husbands ashes on the pavement in front of Indymac Corporate offices. His sad death is the reason I am in this mess. How dare he!!!Oh and yes,this was going to be filmed on camera by a news crew, and and also plastered all over 'YOUTUBE'.

I am a bit frustrated though as Indymac/OneWest Bank are still having me jump through hoops, because now I have to stall everyone for 48 hours until I hear back from them. If I need to proceed with the protest in the near future, I will inform all of you either through email, or through this BLOG. Lastly, you need to hire an attorney to do a 'Forensic Audit' to see who really owns the 'NOTE'.

Keep the faith my friends, and maybe we will meet at Indymac/OneWest Bank after-all.

Keep the emails coming to me at


My story is the same as everyone else's, so I won't elaborate. However, I have had ENOUGH. I am about to expose these ruthless criminals, and the lies they continue to tell. If any of you live in California, this Friday, 09th July, @ 11am, I am conducting a protest outside of Indymac Mac. There will be at least 20+ people picketing outside of Indymac/Onewest Corporate offices.. I have also contacted KTLA-5, NBC, ABC, CBS, Orange County Register, LA Times, Fox Channel, John & Ken Radio talk station, and blasted 'Press Releases', to anyone who will listen. I believe we should have some good coverage.

The address is 888 E. Walnut, Pasadena, CA 91101.

We are also handing out postcards outlining the 'Sweetheart Deal', that Indymac/OneWest Bank have with the FDIC.

please contact me at for more information


Like many ohters before me, we too are in jeopardy of losing our home to Indymac/Onewest Bank. They screwed us when we applied for a building loan, then when we were done they told us sorry!

we dont have any loans for you! The only loan we can give you is a Option Arm take it or leave it. It has been 2years 6months. They just raised our payment from 2300/mo to 3400/mo.

FN Basterds! We have missed 7 payments in a row. We have no means of paying it anymore. We have equity and yet they will not modify because they stand to make more money if they forclose.

We have been trying for 2.5 years now and have submitted our apps more than 10 times. We tried to hire lawyers, but since we have no money to pay them, they will not even attempt to go up against the big banks. I have finaly talked to a bankruptcy lawyer, the only hope of any type of justice is to file chapter 13 and submit a Adversarial Lawsuit at that time. He explained that the issues will be put forth in front of a Judge to bring attention to what the banks are doing.

There is no gaurantee that justice will be served, only the fact that your case will be seen by the eyes of others and maybe they have a conscience and the ethics to do what is right. We are headed down this road at the worst possible time in our country.

There is no turning back, but it will be a cold day in *** before I let the bank steal our home and throw us out into the street without making a stand of some magnitude. I am geared up for the worst possible scenario, Let Come What May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


same thing. sale of house while going through loan mod process.

no contact, no notice.

just sold under noses. must contact state councilman/woman and reps involved and get help!

sitting and crying will not get anything done.


I need the name of a class action attorney working on behalf of all the Indy Mac abused people, which I also am. I have been in the disasterous cirlce of attemting to get a modification for a year now and they are trying to take my home which has over 250k in equity in it.

Yeah it makes no sense, I KNOW. I am disabled and only have disability income to pay my mortgage wiith now and they KNOW they can screw me!....Please HELP ME...I have been lied to, manipulated, I have been in touch with the president's office, the attorney at Indy Mac;s office and still more lie's. Nothing changes. They want my equity, of course!

Yhey put NOTHING in writing and lie . I need a pro bono attorney that will hopefully STOP any further action since I have nowhere to go since I am handicapped. I do not understand why there is NOT a class action suit taking place, or is there??? and we are not hearing about it??

Please I beg you to share with me any information that can be of assistance. I have lost everything and all I have left is the equity in my home.

I have ruined credit because I listedned to the people at IndyMac and DID exactly what they told me to do. Now they have ruined my LIFE!

PLEASE HELP ME, I am desperate in RIO Rancho, New Mexico!


To Andy, you still have remedy. Read the post below from "don't let them get away with it" They can help and if you are in a state that allows punitive damages and you can show you suffered a loss, you may be eligible for treble damages. Take back this country one home at a time.


IndyMac successfully stole my house as of today. Blatant contract violations (at least 5) as well as state and federal law violations.

We were fine on our loan, we were up on timely payments for the full amount agree'd to in the loan. The still stole our house because what was left on the loan was was much less than the property was worth.

We went through so many channels to help us including the federal government but all of them told me it was too late. I'm so pissed off and depressed I bought a place in Toronto, Canada and am in the process of moving there and IndyMac will NEVER see the rest of that money from me.


The last thing financial companies want to do is own houses. Either you really were not owner occupied or there is something way more to this story. Probably both.


Now you need an audit of the mortgage and all the paperwork you have recieved. Endless Fraud Detection dot com can provide just that even if this happen 3 years ago.

Click on the mortgage department and see just what fraud an audit can uncover and how you can use it to fight back. They even provide the litigation papework support ready to finish with some personal issues and then file suit.

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