We tried to modify for 7 months unsuccessfully so they filed a NOD and issued a sale date. A buyer presented an offer to purchase so the sale date was removed and the short sale was presented with a perfect A+ buyer.

They took 3 months to review the offer & then they called the agent and said they were approving the short sale to hold tight and a counter offer was being over.

In the mean time they sent the house to auction & took ownership of it, and just gave us 10 days to vacate. They are the *** of the earth.

Monetary Loss: $580.

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am going through all the things everyone else is with this bank, (mortgage Modification, forbearance plan after plan, not getting credit for payments etc.)

You can file a complant with the FTC and Office of Thrift Supervision 1-800-842-6929 there is a online form for both. They are both looking for a pattern so the can go after the bank. They have already contacted One West Bank on my behalf.

Every one who has a complaint with this bank should file a complaint with the above companies. The more complaints the better and maybe something with we done with this bank.


did they use trustee corps california?

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