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I have been trying to get my loan modified for at least 6 months now. Indy Mac is so full of #$%#.

They have put me on 3 different trial periods. Only to take what savings that I did have. I have paid all trial payments on time. Only for them to give me some lame excuse at the end of each trial period, and to finally deny me in the end.I attended a NACA Home Save Event in Phoenix,Az.On Nov.2,2009 IndyMac/One West Bank was there.

I sat outside in the dark and cold for hours to get in to talk with IndyMac.

I finally did after about 8 hours.Indy Mac approved a restructured loan for me right there on the spot. I was so excited and relieved.The gentleman from Indy Mac said "YOU ARE APPROVED" you will get a Proposal in the mail in 7-10 days."I AM STILL WAITING" I haven't received anything from them except a notice of "FORCLOSURE".When I call IndyMac now all they say is that they are still reviewing my file.IndyMac/One West Bank will definitely have to answer to GOD for all of the Hurt and Stress that they are causing.Truly, Tired & Pissed

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I am in the same boat as the rest of you all Indy Mac scewed me to we need to stop them I rent now and I hate it.


same people same lies same run around they get more money forclosing properties , god bless the struggling hang in there so many people been denied why thay need to be investigated. yes


When is the march???


I am in the same boat. Been trying to get a modification for over a year now.

Was approved last december but when the new company took over indymac they "Lost" The paperwork and said that we would have to restart. This has been 9 months since then and still no go.

Been on forberance plans for 9 months now they will not allow another forberance plan and they STILL have not fixed the mistake they caused that made my previous loan mod to fall through on there end. This company is complete BS


we all need to come together and have a big rally and protest we are being robbed please lets all come together


What exactly does a ch.7 do for you? I have heard of ch.7 & Ch.13 what is the difference?

How do you go about it?

Please explain. Thank You


I too have tried to get a modification with Indy Mac and have been put on two temp. modifications. I am now filing a ch.7 because I do not want to deal with them anymore.

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