Vassar, Michigan

Indy mac bank has been the most difficult bank to deal with, in regards to renegotiation's, in modifying loans, and mortgages.. Their Hard nose, attitude and I don't give a care about what is happening in the world, such as job loss, and the reality of the economy, has made them one of a kind the kind to AVOID,.

I know because I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with them and I am SORRY.... Instead of helping out, with the foreclosure crisis, and putting a freeze on the problem, like Citigroup is doing for their customers Instead Indymac is kicking people out of their homes, including me....just another home for them to have set empty.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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I think Ram Makockinya needs to spend less time on his/her computer and more time working on how to speak like an adult.

Robersonville, North Carolina, United States #51376

Hey Greengate. Let me get this straight?

You were offered a reverse mortgage before they foreclosed on you? To get a reverse mortgage you have to have a ton og equity (something like 50% at least). So if you were offered one that means you owed a *** of a lot less than what your house is worth which means you could have AVOIDED a foreclosure by selling your house! And you want to blame the bank?

You're an ***. Go play in oncoming traffic.


So to the oriental monkey *** that wrote this complaint and the French beaver *** with the first comment I say *** off. This country is falling apart because jerkoffs like yourselfs bought houses you couldnt afford, most likely getting YOURSELVES in interest only or maybe even neg am loans thinking it was no big deal because your house would appreciate in value and you could just refinance down the road.

You probablly thought to yourself "I know I cant afford a normal principle and interest loan for this size of loan but I can just get into an IO loan for a few years and then my financial situation will be much better by then and I will be able to afford a normal payment." Then of course you probablly got fired a year ago for whacking it to *** animal *** on your lunch break and then of course you couldnt afford your house payment anymore so you want to blame the big bad bank for you losing your house. This *** cracks me up. IT IS NEVER THE BANKS FAULT SOMEONE LOSES THEIR HOUSE! The blame is completely on you.

If you buy a house that you cant afford when thing get bad then guess what??? Its to much f ucking house for you! I have a 150k house with a 130k mortgage on it. Its go 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a 2 car garage.

I could get fired tomorrow and go out and work at a gas station if I needed to, to make my mortgage payment.

I dont give a *** how bad the economy is, you f ucked up. Go suck one.


I was just foreclosed even though they agreed to refinance a reverse mortgage. Now owned by FDIC they are all part of the problem starting with Countrywide and Lieman brothers who Indy Mac and now Financial freedom senior funding they are all one of the same, they are all connected by some of the same individuals and they have destroyed this country. Hopefulyy the court system can see through the ***.

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