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We applied for loan modification last Jan and got denied in June because they don't accept unemployment as an income anymore. Applied for the second time, first week of Sep and all this turn around is ridiculous.

Every week i call and talk to different people and asking same documents which I already submitted and tell me that they will take that out from the pending documents.

A week later they still ask me the freaking same documents..You guys not helping people that already on too much stress.. We would not do this if it is not needed..Hope you get a better system to handle every cases and you should help not put people in a diffucult situation...

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We are going through the same thing. Jan applied for the modification, gave us a temporary for three months,seven months later at the end of July they said we were denied because we failed to send in documents.

We sent them three sets in May June and July. August 1st they refused to take our mortgage payment. We spoke with different people and two discovered that we did in fact send the documents required and said they would give it back to the supervisor. It was still denied with no other reason than the first one.

Now I have our attorney dealing with them.

The stress is unbelievable. Corporate theifs, that is what they are.

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