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Indymac Bank withdrew alot of uninsured money from my accounts. If any other customers are in the same boat as me, and are in a lawsuit with Indymac Bank or any responseable pardy.

I am interested in joining up with you. email I was out of town when Sen. Charles Schumer posted his letter on June 26, that called 911, which caused people to to withdraw 1.3 Billon in 11 Days. The next friday Indymac Closed.

The following monday they were open for business,offering high yield CD's etc.

Nobody went to jail or Anything, and we were all screwed out of our money.

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I lost 20,500 because, I too, was not aware of the senator's remarks.


I find it interesting that Indymac has several hundred houses for sale on the website. Where is that money going? They owe me 80k.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #37537

Seeking Great Service is correct. But, truthfully do not expect additional payments from FDIC as I have contacted them repeatedly to no avail and especially w/ banking industry in dumpster, future payments are doubtful.

I did expect some lawsuit to surface on behalf of uninsured depositors since essentially it was Schumer who opened his fat mouth and caused a run, but haven't seen anything yet. Essentially, we're all screwed for those uninsured deposits.

Balmoral, New South Wales, Australia #27980

i have been trying to recover overpayment in escrow of funds to no avail. the sellers paid for taxes in advance for the year, we paid back the sellers at closing but indy still held money in escrow for taxes and we pay taxes in our mort.

each month. our town reimbursed Indy 2 months ago and each time i call to get a review of escrow they say it was improperly done but it was now correctly done and call back in 5 busin. days.

i have been doing this for 1.5 months now. how do i get my 4k that is mine?

Madiun, Jawa Timur, Indonesia #27290

IndyMac did not withdraw funds from your account. The funds in your account after the weekend were the only funds covered by your FDIC insurance.

Any time that you keep funds in a bank and don't make sure that they are fully insured - you are at risk of losing your funds. The FDIC will sell off IndyMac's assets and attempt to replace some of your additional funds. You are now a creditor to IndyMac bank and will likely receive periodic payments as their assets are liquidated.

It is unlikely that you will receive all of your money back. I wish you the best in recovering your money and I hope that this post helps to explain what happened.

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